Smrtonosna igra (1999)

Smrtonosna igra (1999)


amateur / martial arts

Running time:
35 minutes

Country / Language:
Croatia / Croatian

Directed by:
Boris Ivković

Written by:
Boris Ivković

Boris Ivković

Smrtonosna igra (eng. Lethal Game) is Bore Lee's second film, lasting 35 minutes and 20 seconds. It was directed by Bore Lee and filmed around the urban area of Sinj, Bore's hometown.

The movie is notoriously bad and consequently difficult to watch even though it lasts just over half an hour. The plot is cryptic at best, and background sounds are frequently louder than the actors' dialogues.

Despite some very interesting fight scenes involving many characters, the incredibly bad sound editing combined with very disorganised filming and acting makes SI one of the least favoured components in Bore Lee movie marathons.


SI's plot is rather difficult to follow and understand, though it seems to have interesting details here and there. The basic events, however, are as follows:

Bore returns to Croatia after working abroad with a large sum of money. After splitting the money with two unnamed friends, the ever-present gang (banda) attacks Bore and his friends and steals their money. Bore simply can't take that lying down, so he beats the gang members up over and over again in various encounters until they return the money. However, having understood the evil nature of money, he and his friends decide not to keep the money but to throw it over the streets of Sinj, to the joy of the town children.

Bore demonstrating a completely
uncharacteristic level of skill


The cameraman is unknown (possibly a hired wedding/funeral cameraman, as with UKO), but the filming of the movie appears to have attracted some attention in the town of Sinj. In particular, in the fight scenes above the town, from where the clock tower is visible, the conversations of on-lookers are audiable in the background. A comment of particularly elevated hilarity, "vid' ga, brkati Bruce Lee" (look at him, the mustached Bruce Lee), uttered by some unknown citizen of Sinj can be heard repeated several times.

In the process of filming, several married citizens of Sinj were caught on tape in cafe bars with their extramarital female counterparts. Bore and his team were hence "asked" to delete the incriminating scenes from the tape (thereby skipping some crucial plot elements but saving several marriages).


It is highly unlikely that the actors were told what to wear, but one of them in particular (a gang member) makes the movie very memorable thanks to the utterly gay-looking vest he wore over his bare torso (with the back completely open). It is presently unknown why no one told him to change or why he was allowed to buy the vest without a licence.

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